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Emmie Walker never wanted to be a royal canine companion for the Crown corgi of Avington, but she needs some way to pay the bills until her dream of opening her own service dog training facility can become a reality. Now the best chance of making that happen is to spend the better part of her time looking after the spoiled royal corgi, Gatsby.
What’s even worse than having a snarky talking tabby as your best friend?
The first book in the "Little Dog Diner" series.
The second book in the "Little Dog Diner" series.
Culinary student Lyra St. Claire can’t believe her luck when she becomes the face of America’s hottest new cooking show and an overnight sensation. For now, she’s loving the lime light and with her faithful corgi, Cinnamon, by her side she knows she's on the cusp of achieving everything she’s ever dreamed of.
Emily King has worked hard to become the go-to photographer to the stars, but between readying her new studio and organizing an upcoming charity event, she has little time left for anything else. Well, at least her sweet corgi, Daisy, gives her all the companionship she needs. That is, until a blast from Emily’s past blows right into Tinsel Town...
Acclaimed film director Millie Sullivan’s newest project is a sure bet to take her from a simple nominee to a full-fledged Oscar winner. The only thing standing in her way is casting the lead part. It’s perfect for her nemesis, Chris Ryan, but the secret Millie carries about the actor and his dog makes him her last choice for the role.
The third book in the "Little Dog Diner" series.
Will “the third time’s the charm” hold true for this couple? Read FREE in Kindle Unlimited!
Defending Dakota
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Six musicians come together to form an all-girl country band. But when love comes calling, will the ladies be able to balance their musical worlds with their romantic lives?
The first book in "The Sweethearts of Country Music" Series.
Moss O’Malley was born into a secret world of magic and deception. Thanks to his ability to shape shift into a cat, he’s made a small fortune for himself by carrying out a string of petty thefts all across the Eastern Seaboard. And things were great, until a friend turned him in as part of a plea deal.
The second book in "The Sweethearts of Country Music" series.
The third book in "The Sweethearts of Country Music" series.
Looks like my new P.I. business has a bit of competition... from a sticky-fingered raccoon who'd just as soon rob his clients as help them.
The fourth book in "The Sweethearts of Country Music" series.
The fifth book in "The Sweethearts of Country Music" series.
The sixth and final book in "The Sweethearts of Country Music" series. 
The eigth book in "The Pet Whisperer P.I." series.